Overview of actions (English)

Overview of actions on May 27th

The AfD will gather at noon on May 27th at Washingtonplatz at the Hauptbahnhof / central train station and from there will be marching to the Brandenburg Gate (Platz des 18. März).
We will not allow this to take place unhindered! Berlin should remain closed for racists due to overcrowding! To achieve this, we are planning multiple events, from a festival to mass blockades, to stand up to the AfD and its inhumane politics.

Action meeting points (11:00 a.m.)

Gesundbrunnen – Bahnhofsvorplatz / square in front of Gesundbrunnen train station
Hallesches Tor – Mehringplatz
Starting at 11:00 a.m. we will be meeting at Gesundbrunnen station as well as at Mehringplatz at the Halleschisches Tor U-Bahn station. From there we will set off together to the actions protesting the AfD march. We would suggest that everyone coming from the North and the East of Berlin should meet at Gesundbrunnen and those coming from Western and Southern Berlin should go to Mehringplatz.
In preparation for these actions, we recommend the brochure „What to do when the going gets rough ? – Legal tips“ (German version: „Was tun wenn’s brennt?“) from Rote Hilfe, a legal advice initiative, and the German-language Bezugsgruppenreader published by Aktionsnetzwerk which introduces the idea of affinity groups for direct action. Several action training sessions are also scheduled in the run-up to the 27th of May; information about these can be found under “Termine”/“Events.”

Rally at the Platz der Republik / Reichtagswiese (lawn in front of the Reichstag building)

From 11:30 a.m. we invite you to the main rally on the Reichstagswiese, featuring a stage, lots of stands and a varied, all-day program of events including musical and political entertainment. Come one, come all and let’ s celebrate a festival of openness, solidarity and autonomy!

What else is going on in Berlin?

We’re not the only ones standing up to the AfD on May 27th. Other initiatives have also planned protests – together, we will fill Berlin with solidarity, openness and autonomy.
  • Sparkling Demo (“Glänzende Demo”): At 11:00 a.m. the artists and theater folks from the group DIE VIELEN will get their sparkly parade on, starting at the Volkspark am Weinberg and proceeding to Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Rave: Berlin’s club and open-air scene-makers are organizing a rave through Berlin’s Mitte district. Starting at 12 noon, the Reclaim Club Culture parade will get underway under the banner “as long as it hits hard. Blow the AfD away with bass beats“ (“Hauptsache es knallt. AfD wegbassen”).
  • We Stay United: The antiracist initiative We’ll Come United is holding a rally with music at Bertold-Brecht-Platz starting at 12:00.

Keeping track of everything

  • Keep track of the many protests going on that day with our action map, coming soon – watch this space!
  • You can get up-to-date info on May 27th by calling our info hotline (the number will be published on Saturday evening)
  • Stay up to speed on Twitter and by checking out our demo ticker
  • We recommend the following hashtags: #b2705 | #stopptdenhass | #noafd_b