Stop the hate – stop the AfD!

The ‚Alternative für Deutschland‘ (AfD) is planning to do a large-scale demonstration in Berlin on 27 May 2018 to paint themselves as advocates of ‚future germany‘.
When in fact they deny people a place in the world who don’t fit their image of a homogeneous society. Their mostly racist, nationalist, antifeminist and homophobic agenda aims to exclude. The party denies the fact that humans accelerate climate change and can be held responsible for a lot of environmental catastrophes. The AfD is anti-democratic and strives for an authoritarian change of the political system as a whole. They don’t offer solutions for social problems. Their goal is to divide society and to play people off against each other.
The March of the AfD in Berlin is a threat for everyone who stands for a diverse and open society! The hate spread by the AfD can’t be allowed to have a place in our society.

The AfD unites racists and the radical right-wingers from Pegida, over the Identitäre Bewegung to the NPD and other neonazis. The party propagates and spreads hate through their contemptuous and inhumane rhetoric and lies. They not only withdraw from any historical responsibility on the crimes of the National Socialism. The AfD demands to put an end to any commemoration and wants to eliminate any public remembrance of the victims. Politicians of the AfD are stoking the flames of antisemitism.
The AfD blames muslims and refugees for all evil whether it’s poverty or sexualized violence. Acting as a rhetorical instigator this party is jointly responsible for thousands of attacks on muslims, refugees and anyone who supports them.

We stand up for a society where anyone can live self-determined and without fear regardless of their outward appearance, belief or sexual orientation. Human rights are indivisible! We stand together in solidarity and won’t allow the AfD to flood the public space and parliament with hatred.

Stop the hate! Stop the AfD! Our alternative is a democratic and open society, our alternative is solidarity! We won’t leave the streets to the AfD.

We ask everyone who agrees with our goals to take part in the protest and to sign this declaration.